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The Connecticut Law Tribune just published its 2013 Personal Injury Year Book, which ranks the top plaintiff/defense verdicts in Connecticut. Mills Law Firm had 3 of the top 25 largest jury verdicts in the state in 2013, and was also recognized for obtaining a notable defendant's verdict. Mills Law Firm is one of the few trial law firms that routinely tries cases to verdict for both plaintiffs and defendants, giving its attorneys a unique perspective on jury trials. The full story can be viewed at www.ctlawtribune.com.

New Haven Personal Injury Attorneys

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If you have suffered a serious injury in Connecticut because of the negligence or wrongful actions of another person or entity, we understand the physical, emotional and financial challenges you face. Since 1992, Mills Law Firm, LLC, has helped injured victims and their families obtain the justice and compensation they need to fund their recovery and move forward with their lives.

We invite you to contact our firm to arrange a free consultation with an experienced New Haven personal injury lawyer. Most cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay no attorney fees unless we recover damages for you.

You Will Work With One Attorney From Start To Finish

At many law firms, the cases are handled by "case managers," who are not attorneys and whose primary function is to settle your case quickly, often for less than fair compensation. These high volume firms offer slick advertising and marketing gimmicks, but in reality, have very little trial experience.

At Mills Law Firm, LLC, clients meet with one attorney from the beginning to the end of their case. This allows for close attorney-client relationships and a continuity of representation that is seldom found at larger law firms. We offer the personalized attention and accessibility of a small firm, while providing intelligent advocacy in complex and sophisticated personal injury litigation.

Our attorneys have a long track record of success in the courtroom. Opposing counsel and insurance companies know that we are not afraid to take cases to trial. Even if your case settles out of court, our trial experience enables us to negotiate from a position of strength in our efforts to obtain a fair settlement on your behalf.

Our commitment to excellence has served our clients well and enabled us to achieve many sizeable verdicts and settlements on our clients' behalf. We regularly receive referrals from other attorneys who recognize the depth and breadth of our experience with complex litigation and trials.

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Mills Law Firm, LLC, can help you understand your rights and options. Call us at 866-603-7532 to schedule a free consultation. Our lawyers travel to serve clients throughout Connecticut. Attorney referrals are welcome.

We Represent Family of Deceased in Litigation.

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Connecticut Law Tribune Mills Law Firm, LLC

Trying Personal Injury Cases Since 1992


We have a reputation for results. Watch John W. Mills discuss the firm's experience and what drove him to the practice of law.

About the Firm New Haven Personal Injury Lawyers

http://www.millslawfirm.org 866-603-7532 Mills Law Firm, LLC handles personal injury cases including auto accidents and medical malpractice. Call today in New Haven, Connecticut for representation.

Case Results

  • Christine Shea v. Kevin Beck, Waterbury, CV 92 0108383 S (August, 1994)
    Auto case. Plaintiff was former Miss Connecticut who was injured along with her boyfriend in head-on collision... Read More
  • Frederick Asare v. Mark Judge, New Haven, CV 91 0311738 S (October, 1994)
    Auto case with plaintiff claiming soft tissue injuries after being struck from behind by defendant. State Farm offered $24,000... Read More
  • Gregory Jaeger v. Angela Vaccarelli, Milford, CV 93 0044062 S (March, 1996)
    Auto case wherein the plaintiff was assessed with a 5% cervical impairment after being struck from passenger side in a parking lot. $12,000.00... Read More
  • Irene Rathkopf v. Jack Hanna, Danbury, CV 91 0306803 S (May, 1996)
    Severe rear property damage in a hearings in damages case, wherein plaintiff's vehicle hit from behind and pushed forward 116 feet into pole... Read More
  • Mary Ann Musolino v. Frank Cummings, Stamford, CV 93 0132008 S (April, 1997) Plaintiff had knee surgery... Read More
  • Rusell Workiewicz v. Cara O'Brien, Bridgeport, CV 92 0295006 S (November, 1994) Child dart out case tried by Jason Tremont for plaintiff.... Read More
  • Jose Rivera v. Phillip Boettcher, Bridgeport, CV 92 0290941 S (Feb., 1995)
    Plaintiff injured in motorcycle accident after being cut off by defendant. Claimed a herniated disc and need for surgery per Dr. Lipow. $60,000... Read More
  • John Giaquinto v. Robert Masek, New Haven, CV 92 0331046 S (Sept., 1995)
    Traumatic brain injury claim w/ opposing neuropsychologists. Chain collision. No proof as to liability on part of my client, who was at rear of... Read More
  • Thomas Geraghty v, Jon Porter, Danbury, CV 94 0315563 S (May, 1997) Disputed turn accident. Plaintiff claiming herniated disc/need for surgery per Dr. Ramon Batson at a cost of $25,000... Read More
  • Vincent Ferrucci v. Anne Raines, New Haven, CV 95 0632212 S Plaintiff claims neck and back injury when struck from rear in parked car. $18,000 offered by State... Read More
  • Maria Mazzola v. Dorothy Tiani, et al, Stamford, CV 93 0129647 S (July, 1997) Plaintiff struck from behind by defendant while at a stop sign. The plaintiff suffered a shoulder injury which ultimately required seven surgeries... Read More
  • Hajdu v. Bassewitz, Stamford, CV 92 0125444 S. (Sept. 1997) Defendant strikes plaintiff after making left turn into his lane from private parking lot after being waved out by non-contact vehicle... Read More
  • Shade v. Cisneros, et al, New Haven Federal Court, 3:94CV00774 (EBB) (Federal Court) (April, 1998). Two minor children with lead poisoning sue two landlords (Yost and Diduca) as well as New Haven Housing Authority... Read More
  • Peck v. Rattlesnake, Stamford, CV 94 013952 S (July, 1998). Judge Frank D'Andrea. First plaintiff's case tried for friend. Owner of condominium initially sough injunction to stop loud noise from band music... Read More
  • May v. Jones, Hartford, CV 97 0568585 S (Feb. 1999). Judge Langenbach. Plaintiff was rear ended by tractor trailer. Claimed neck and back injuries, along with left shoulder problem... Read More
  • Jeremy Hackling v. Casbro Construction of Rhode Island, New Haven, CV 94 0368552 S (July, 1999). Judge Levin. Plaintiff suffered a fractured skull when a concrete block was thrown off construction trailer... Read More
  • Frank Johnson v. Gregory Strickland, CV 98 0350826 S (October, 1999) Bridgeport Superior Court (Mottolese, J.). Plaintiff struck from behind by defendant while stopped at a stop sign... Read More
  • Shade v. Cisneros (II), 3:94 CV 774 (EEB) District Court in New Haven. Second trial on damages only after trial court first trial should have been decided pursuant to joint and several liability... Read More
  • Mazzacane v. Elliott, CV 97 0059256 S (October, 2000), Milford Superior Court (Arnold, J.). Plaintiff Robert Mazzacane was a passenger in a car rearended by our insured, Robert Elliott, on the Merritt Parkway... Read More
  • Tetu v. Coleman, CV 99 03633523 S (July, 2001), Bridgeport Superior Court (Melville, J.). Plaintiff Gary Tetu was driver of a vehicle rear-ended by Jerry Coleman, a 300 lb. man traveling with his wife... Read More
  • Canal Insurance Company v. Barbara Haniewski, CV 98 0417942 S, New Haven Superior Court (Blue, J.). Declaratory judgment action before Judge Blue to determine whether a $1 million dollar policy was properly canceled... Read More
  • Daniels v. Purdy, CV 99 0065831 S (Sept., 2001), Milford Superior Court (Lager, J.). Defendant backed into the plaintiff at a shopping center. Plaintiff had undergone prior cervical fusion, claims exacerbation... Read More
  • Earlene Smart v. ACIC, CV 00 032157 S (Jan., 2002), New Haven Superior Court (Berdon, J.). Plaintiff's case tried before Justice Berdon as a court-side matter. Plaintiff a passenger in taxi hit by uninsured driver... Read More
  • Alonda Boone v. Fred Kent, CV 99 0432005 S, New Haven Superior Court. An 8 year old girl rode her bike into street, and was struck by defendant. The plaintiff sustained fractured clavicle... Read More
  • Steven Hyduck v. Middlesex Mutual Assurance Co., CV 00 0441006 S, New Haven Superior Court (Radcliffe, J.) Traumatic brain injury case. Plaintiff previously collected $100,000 from the tortfeasor... Read More
  • Jeffrey Rairan v. Sono Entertainment Group, et al, CV 99 0175358 S. Plaintiff's case for excess noise and smoke from defendants' nightclub. Case tried in Waterbury Complex Litigation before Judge Alander... Read More
  • Sandra Mejia v. Marilyn Ward Ford, et al, CV 02 0191949 S. Stamford Superior Court. Rear end collision on I-95. Plaintiff claiming herniated cervical disc... Read More
  • Steven Amarante v. Melody Walton, et al, CV 03 0286240 S. Meriden Superior Court (Taylor, J.). Case tried to verdict 2/06. Plaintiff claimed injuries as a result of a rear-end collision... Read More
  • Peter Turzer v. David Prenata, CV 04 0408927 S. Bridgeport Superior Court (Richards, J.). Case tried to jury verdict May, 2006. Plaintiff alleged neck and back injuries as a result of being hit from behind by defendant on exit ramp... Read More
  • Stephen Gospodinoff, Sr., et al v. Dana Brown, CV 04-0200866-S. Stamford Superior Court (Downey, J.). Case tried to verdict on September 29, 2006. Plaintiffs Stephen Gospodinoff... Read More
  • Melvin Natter v. Allstate Insurance Company, CV 03 0081977 S. Derby Superior Court (Esposito, J.) Case tried to jury verdict on January 16, 2007. Plaintiff Melvin Natter... Read More
  • Debra Scott, Adminstratrix v. Joseph Morley, M.D., CV 03 0405325 S. Bridgeport Superior Court (Rush, J.) Case tried to verdict on November 20, 2007. Plaintiff's medical malpractice claim... Read More
  • Robert Murray v. Varian Sonny, CV 06 5000501 S. Derby Superior Court (Levin, J.) Tried to verdict on February 5, 2008. Plaintiff was hit head on by our insured operator... Read More
  • Leticia Belton v. Ann Patterson, et al, CV 06 5004162 S. Bridgeport Superior Court (Hiller, J.). Plaintiff's case involving terrible dog bite tried to the court on December 19, 2007... Read More
  • Jermaine Deas v. Metro Taxi, CV 07 5008208 S. New Haven Superior Court (Corradino, J.). Plaintiff's case wherein taxi driver claims neck and back injuries caused by uninsured driver... Read More
  • Leonard Talley v. Encompass Insurance Company, CV 06 407463 S. New Haven Superior Court. (Radcliffe, J.) UIM case brought by plaintiff as a result of an accident on I-91. Plaintiff collected $20,000.00 from tortfeasor... Read More
  • Paul Bergeron v. Mark Dixon, CV 07 5009714 S. New Haven Superior Court (Cosgrove, J.) Plaintiff's case wherein 12 year old boy fractured his ankle while using razor scooter on skateboard ramp at the defendants' home... Read More
  • Jill Granda v. Nicholas Sabetta, CV 07 5002308 S. Derby Superior Court (Bellis, J.). Plaintiff injured when elderly insured (died prior to trial) made left turn right in front of her... Read More
  • Tama Hansen v. Jayne Gary, CV 09 5030021 S. (Zoarski, J.). Plaintiff's case involving woman who injured her right knee when tread on exterior staircase collapsed beneath her... Read More
  • Amanda Dewart, Administrator v. Felix Alcazar, CV 08 5002703 S. Rockville Superior Court (Bright, J.). Decedent struck by our insured operator while walking along dark highway... Read More
  • Jeffrey Gonzalez v. George Johnson, CV 06 5003418 S. Bridgeport Superior Court (Tyma, J.). Two plaintiffs injured when insured admittedly ran a stop sign, causing heavy damage... Read More
  • Nicola Quattucci v. Allstate Fire & Casualty, CV 09 5027708-S. Bridgeport Superior Court (Tyma, J.) UM case brought by insured against Allstate for back injury caused by uninsured driver... Read More
  • Matthew Palmer v. Brian Smith, M.D., CV 08 5015707 S. Hartford Superior Court, (Robaina, J.) Plaintiff's medical malpractice case. Defendant surgeon perforated plaintiff's knee joint... Read More
  • Christopher Bowery v. Carlos Rodriguez, CV 09 5028267 S. Bridgeport Superior Court, (Robinson, J.) (June, 2011). Hearing in damages. Plaintiff rearended on Merritt Parkway... Read More
  • Vernon Jackson v. Raymond Alfisi, HHD CV 08 5020216 S. Hartford Superior Court (Stengel, J.) (April, 2012). Defense case involving rear-end collision. The plaintiff was claiming neck and back injuries... Read More
  • Lynn Vento v. Stanley Seligson Properties, LLC, FBT CV 11 6016894 S. Bridgeport Superior Court (Tyma, J.) (October, 2012). Plaintiff's premises liability case involving slip and fall on snow/ice in parking lot... Read More
  • Mary DiPietro v. Dennis Lumbra, HHD CV 10 6016662 S. Hartford Superior Court (Schuman, J.) (Nov., 2012). Plaintiff's premises liability case. Plaintiff tripped over picnic table leg at a tag sale... Read More
  • Gregoria Campos v. Robert Coleman, NNH CV 10 6009582 S. New Haven Superior Court (Zemetis, J.) (December, 2012). Plaintiff's wrongful death case. Decedent was a cyclist killed... Read More
  • Manuel Vasquez v. Road Services Network, FBT CV 09 5024457 S. Bridgeport Superior Court (Somers, J.) (January, 2013). Plaintiff's case in which plaintiff sustained injuries to his shoulder... Read More
  • Emarilis Villodas v. Luis Nieves, HHD CV 10 6012837 S. Hartford Superior Court (Stengel, J.) (April, 2013). Defense case. Plaintiff alleges she was injured while sitting in parked car struck by insured... Read More
  • Penny Hoyt v. James Kennedy, NNH CV08 5019272 S. New Haven Superior Court (Pittman, J.) (June, 2013). Defense case. The plaintiff alleged that she was bitten on the wrist by our client's dog... Read More
  • Gulick v. Ahasic, FST CV 11 6011219 S. Stamford Superior Court (Truglia, J.) (October, 2013). Plaintiff's case, in which our client was injured while riding his bicycle in Darien, Connecticut... Read More
  • Hackling v. Casbro Construction, 67 Conn. App. 286 (Dec. 11, 2001); prevailed on behalf of the defendant in trial appeal taken by plaintiff after jury trial... Read More
  • Kitmirides v. Middlesex Mutual Assurance Co., 65 Conn. App. 729 (2000); prevailed in appeal taken by plaintiff after declaratory judgment action found no insurance coverage... Read More
  • Mazzacane v. Elliot, 73 Conn. App. 696 (November 26, 2002); prevailed on behalf of defendant in trial appeal taken by the plaintiff... Read More
  • Stephens v. Hoerle, 39 Conn. App. 253 (1995); 235 Conn. 928 (1995); prevailed on behalf of defendant before both the Connecticut Court of Appeals and the Connecticut Supreme Court after the plaintiff's case... Read More
  • Stanley v. Martone, 40 Conn. App. 903 (1996); prevailed on behalf of the defendant after plaintiff appealed from summary judgment ruling in premises liability case wherein trial court held plaintiff... Read More
  • Willard v. Travelers Insurance Co., 247 Conn. 331 (1998); prevailed in insurance coverage appeal, trial court reversed on summary judgment ruling. Day, Berry & Howard settled the case... Read More
  • Rocco v. Garrison, 268 Conn. 541 (2004). After obtaining summary judgment against plaintiffs in federal court on statute of limitations defense they re-filed in state court pursuant to accidental failure of suit statute... Read More
  • Lombardi v. Cobb, 99 Conn. App. 705 (2007); although the Appellate Court ruled in favor of sustaining a remittitur granted by the trial judge, the was one dissenting opinion in favor of the appellant... Read More
  • Shade v. Cisneros, Docket No. 00-6160 (April 30, 2001). Defended plaintiffs' appeal of lead paint verdict tried to jury in District Court which had resulted in defendant's verdict at trial... Read More
  • Peck v. Public Service Mutual Insurance Co., Docket No. 01-9459 (April 17, 2003). Insurance coverage dispute. Prevailed in appeal taken after District Court granted summary judgment... Read More
  • Peck v. Public Service Mutual Insurance Co., Docket No. 03-0393 (November 12, 2003). Supreme Court denies the defendant's petition for writ of certiorari... Read More 
  • Jose Perales v. Tommy Khongdy, HHB CV 12 6014892 S. New Britain Superior Court (Young, J.) (February, 2014). Defense case, wherein we defended Mr. Khongdy at the request of his insurance company, State Farm... Read More
  • Taiwana Williams v. Kevin Midzenski, NNH CV 12 6027831 S. New Haven Superior Court (Pitman, J.)(February, 2014). Defense case, wherein we defended Mr. Midzenski at the request of his insurance company, Allstate. The plaintiff claimed injuries to the neck... Read More
  • James Brennan v. Roberta Irizarry, UWY CV 12 6015682 S. Waterbury Superior Court (Zemetis, J.)(May, 2014). Defense case, wherein we defended Ms. Irizarry at the request of her insurance company, Allstate. The plaintiff claimed permanent neck injuries... Read More
  • Kathleen Bailey v. Allstate Insurance Company, UWY CV 10 6014717 S. Waterbury Superior Court (Roraback, J.)(July, 2014). Defense case, defeing claim for uninsured motorist coverage against the defendant, Allstate... Read More
  • Computer Reporting Services, LLC v. Lovejoy & Associates, FBT CV 13 5029923 S. Bridgeport SuperiorCourt (Hartmere, J.)(July, 2014). Plaintiff's case, wherein we represented the plaintiff court reporting service... Read More

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