The Question isn't Why Ride?.... It's Why are you NOT Riding?

TOP 10 Reasons to Cycle (and, in this case, order really does not matter.)

  • 10. Fends off depression and reduces stress
  • 9. Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • 8. Builds stamina and coordination and is a great muscle workout
  • 7. Benefits the environment (If you cycle to work, you have 2-3 times less exposure to pollution than those who commute by car.)
  • 6. Improves, um.....connections
  • 5. Saves you money
  • 4. Increases mental focus, which is especially important as we age (higher concentration levels and better problem solving and memory skills)
  • 3. Improves social life and socialization skills
  • 2. Restores and protects organs
  • 1. Makes your brain happy and calms your mind (Leptin + dopamine = bliss)