Hello and Happy Easter to all members that observe this blessed holiday!

I haven't posted for quite a long time, but wanted to let all members (both familiar & new friends) know that I once again have the terrific L.E.D. Roadflare and Reflective Triangle kits available for sale. This may be the last inventory I receive, supply has been almost non-existent lately. Some of you have purchased previously, for which I thank you!
The kits are available with either 1 or 3 D.O.T. approved Reflective Triangles, and include the L.E.D. Beacons and Ballistic Nylon carrying/storage case. Also have the "Mini" Beacons for that are perfect for cycling &personal use. These are tremendously useful in an emergency, and have many biking/hiking applications. Please check out all the great deals at my website

Thank you so very much for your time and attention,