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New Haven Legal Malpractice Lawyers

Lawyers are not required to win your case, but they are required to provide a high standard of legal care when attending to your matter. Based in New Haven, Connecticut, attorneys John W. Mills and Maria A. Cahill represent clients in Bridgeport, Stamford, Hartford, Milford, Norwalk, Waterbury, and throughout New Haven, Fairfield, and Hartford counties.

Filing Professional Malpractice Claims • Legal Malpractice Settlements

If you have been financially harmed due to an attorney’s actions or negligence in representing you, contact a New Haven legal malpractice attorney for a free consultation.

Attorney Malpractice: A High Thresh-Hold

Mills Law Firm, LLC, will evaluate your claim of legal malpractice/professional malpractice and give an honest assessment of whether you have an actionable claim.

While the legal community has high standards for professional conduct and ethical behavior, the courts also set a high standard for proving professional malpractice. Bringing/filing a claim requires an experienced, principled attorney such as John W. Mills who is willing to hold a peer accountable for poor representation.

Legal malpractice/professional malpractice can include:

  • Failure to meet a statute of limitations or court filing deadline
  • Failure to meet the court’s deadlines for filings
  • Failure to disclose evidence or failure to comply with discovery motions
  • Misappropriation of client funds
  • Misrepresentations to clients
  • Insufficient effort on behalf of the client

A claim of legal malpractice must prove there was financial harm, and that the client would likely have prevailed in his or her legal matter with competent counsel. We will seek the maximum insurance settlement or full damages available if your claim has merit.

Request A Case Review

For a free evaluation of your case, contact the Connecticut legal malpractice attorneys of Mills Law Firm, LLC, by phone at 203-772-8941 or through our online form. Weekend and evening appointments are available, as well as Spanish translators.