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New Haven Product Liability Attorneys

Free Claim Evaluation: (866) 603-7532 or (203) 772-8941

Product liability claims are won or lost on the quality of the experts. As New Haven, Connecticut product liability lawyers, we assemble qualified experts from around the United States to determine whether a defect caused a product to injure someone. If so, we have the resources to retain the expert to testify that the harm was due to the design or manufacture of the product in question.

Our New Haven defective product attorney invite residents of all communities of New Haven County, Fairfield County, and Hartford County to schedule a free evaluation of a personal injury claim arising from a defective product. Attorney John W. Mills has litigated cases involving serious product liability claims:

  • Seatbelt malfunction leading to quadriplegia
  • Safety defect in a machine which cut off fingers
  • Window sash which crushed a client’s hand
  • Lawnmower that failed to disengage, lacerating a foot

A liability claim may arise from any product: a defective seatbelt, or defective airbag, or defective door latch; a bike helmet that fails to protect the user; a machine or tool that injures the user; a chemical product that causes burns or causes other injury. Our experienced attorneys thoroughly investigate how the products are designed and manufactured, and hire the best experts for depositions.

Maximum Compensation
These cases often settle out off court, but only when the plaintiff has a strong case backed by solid research and credible expert testimony. Contact the Connecticut product liability lawyers at the Law Offices of John W. Mills for your best chance to recover full compensation for your injuries and suffering. We will give you an honest assessment of your claim in a free consultation. Our New Haven defective product attorneys can arrange evening and weekend appointments, including visiting your hospital or home.