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Bike Seat Camera To See Behind You!

There are expensive seat cameras on the market designed to film riders behind you.  However, a terrific new product designed for safety is sold by Hammacher Schlemmer.  The seat camera, (item 82465 at www.hammacher.com), features a small camera that easily mounts on the seat post.  A small color screen mounts on the handlebars. Both are weather proof, and can be easily unclipped.  The battery holds a charge for 10 hours use.  At $199.00, this is a great product, which enables you to quickly see what is approaching from behind.  The camera also has an alert feature that tells the cyclist when lighting visibility is making you hard to see for approaching motorists, reminding you to turn on your lights.

We represent many cyclists who get clipped by passing cars.  If more cyclists would use a product like this, or something similar (www.gopro.com), perhaps we can avoid some of these nasty spills.