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Old Man Winter Cannot Stop Bicycle Theft in New Haven

Winter has certainly made its mark the past few weeks, canceling school for children across the state, increasing sales of hot chocolate and marshmallows, and booming business for ski resorts and mountain parks. However, the cold temperatures have not deterred crime incidents, and unfortunately, that is true for us here in New Haven. Bike theft is on the rise, and residents need to be aware. Bicycle locks are being cut off and bicycles are being stolen from front porches as well as from neighborhood street signs. Just a few days ago, a bicycle rack was stolen on Pearl Street in the East Rock area of New Haven. According to the SoHu Neighborhood Association, a dedicated and committed Block Watch group, “It appears as though the straps that were attached to the car were cut just before the metal attachments so no damage was done to the car.” Nonetheless, the bike rack was taken.

Why take the risk that your own bike will be stolen, cut from your property, or damaged from someone else’s misconduct? You need to invest in a bike lock, and one that works.

Mills Law Firm, LLC highly recommends College Street Cycles, located at 252 College Street in New Haven, next to Yale’s Old Campus and reached out to their team this morning to learn which lock should be purchased. The College Street Cycles Team recommends the Kryptonite Series 2 Standard with 4 ft. flex cable, and actually Attorney Mills purchased this same one, from this great bike shop, when his bicycle was stolen from his porch this fall. They also suggests the usage of wheel locks and lights when riding to maximize safety and are more than happy to both educate you about their products and show you exactly how to use them so that the best protection can be secured. It is definitely worth the trip or ride down to their bike shop to explore your best options. Their phone number is (203) 865-2724.

Article Credit; Jodi F. Rooney