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SLOW MAN, fast bicycle

J.M. Coetzee’s novel, SLOW MAN, highlights Paul Rayment’s recovery after losing his right leg to a bicycle accident on Maghill Road.  As the simple tasks of daily life become more difficult, this main character’s emotional state quickly starts to deteriorate along with his physical pain and limitations. Regardless of one’s cycling passions or athletic pursuits, one may ask:  How would I cope with the physical and emotional atrophies that arise from a tragic accident?  How would I stop this cycle (no pun intended) and take control of a life never imagined?

This is a story of a man’s desire to leave behind a legacy, a tale of becoming who you are meant to be, and a narration of love and being loved- all while asking some pretty tough questions:  Would you happily accept a prosthesis? Passionately refuse?  Would your age play a factor in your thinking?  What other circumstances would influence this decision?

As Paul Rayment battles the topics of dignity, time, and healing, he examines his heart, and the reader joins him on this remarkable journey and identification of self.