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Study Shows More Males Engage In Distracted Driving

Study Shows More Males Engage in Distracted Driving

Connecticut drivers have probably heard about the increasing number of distracted drivers on the road. Distracted driving has resulted in numerous accidents with tragic consequences.

Although females are often characterized by the media as being chatty, a new report shows that the highest numbers of distracted drivers in Connecticut are males. Connecticut was amongst the first states to impose a ban on handheld cellphones as well as texting while driving.

Since this ban went into effect in 2006, males have consistently gotten more tickets for violating this law than females. Although females make up a little more than half of the 2.5 million drivers licensed in Connecticut, male drivers received roughly 53 percent of the tickets for distracted driving each year.

Another report in 2010 found 51 percent of males sent or received text messages while driving, compared to only 42 percent of females. Additionally, 78 percent of males admitted to talking on the phone while driving, which was higher than the 72 percent of females.

Although the results of the reports may seem surprising, they are actually consistent with other reports involving male driving behavior. Males tend to be more aggressive drivers and engage in more risk taking behavior compared to female drivers.

Additionally, there are usually a higher number of males in occupations that require large amounts of time driving, such as construction or landscaping. Because of these factors, a higher number of males are involved in fatal car accidents each year.

Motorist safety remains a major concern throughout the state. One Connecticut police officer reports he can easily spot between 10 and 15 distracted driving violations in a day.

The high numbers of distracted drivers may suggest that not all drivers are taking the distracted driving laws seriously. One driver who was stopped while talking on the phone to a cousin in the hospital says he did not find it particularly distracting.

Another driver feels that if she pays for her car, she should be able to do whatever she wants in it. She also notes that distractions can come from anywhere.

Because of this, Connecticut has attempted to toughen the penalties for distracted driving. A charge of $125 is now imposed for a first time offense. A second offense will cost a driver $250, while a third is $400.

Nationally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported a sharp increase in distracted driving accidents from 2007 to 2008. Almost 16 percent of fatal accidents in 2008 were caused by distracted driving, compared to 12 percent in 2007.

Injuries caused by a distracted driver are often serious, with lifetime consequences. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide necessary support and assist with obtaining any available compensation for accidents caused by illegal used of cellphones or texting while driving in Connecticut.