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Wondering what road bike to call your first?

You always remember your first date, your first kiss, your first true love. Why not always remember your first road bike?

According to bicycling.com (April, 2017 edition), The GT Grade Carbon 105 would be a great first road bike. Not only is it versatile, it’s built for different road structures.  Whether it is a quick ride or one that’s a bit longer, “The Grade is built for adventure on all kinds of roads, with a carbon frame designed to smooth rough surfaces”. Its head tube supports your upright position, while the low bottom helps you feel secure.

Check one out at your local bike shops, including College Street Cycles or Devil’s Gear Bike Shops in New Haven!  Also in New Haven is Bradley Street Bicycle Co-op that recycles and fixes donated bikes to then present to low-income individuals who cannot afford them. There are fixed used bikes at their shop, too. No one said those wonderful cycling feelings can’t be experienced with a used first bike. Take one for a test ride, and you will know if it’s the bike for you!