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Why You Need A Bicycle Accident Attorney

Why You Need a Bicycle Accident Attorney

After a bicycle accident, it is important to speak to a lawyer who can effectively counsel you on your rights as an accident victim. The car or truck driver who caused the accident may encourage you to resolve any issues without insurance involvement or without an attorney but you may suffer as a result. A bike crash attorney will inform you of your rights and advocate on your behalf to protect your rights.

At the Mills Law Firm, we make protecting your rights our priority after you are injured in a bicycle accident. Contact our experienced personal injury attorneys to schedule your free consultation. We offer evening and weekend appointments and are available to meet you at your home or in the hospital. Our attorneys serve clients throughout New Haven County, Fairfield County and Hartford County.

Changing Road Conditions

Bicyclists have to pay attention to road conditions more carefully than drivers. Potholes, debris and other roadblocks can easily contribute to a serious bicycle accident. Cars on Connecticut roads can hit bicyclists because of quick maneuvers made by cyclists who are trying to avoid harmful debris. If you are injured in a bike accident, the driver will likely argue that the accident was your fault.

Our bicycle accident attorneys will investigate the scene of the accident quickly to preserve evidence. With road conditions changing quickly, we want to be sure that we collect important information regarding the road, including debris and potholes, to prepare a strong case on your behalf. As your attorney, we also want to document your injuries and the condition of the bike after the accident. We encourage you to schedule your free consultation with our attorneys soon after your bike accident.

Focus on Your Injuries While Your Attorney Fights for You

If you are a bicyclist who is hit by a car, your injuries may include spinal cord injuries, head and neck injuries, brain trauma, road rash and bone fractures. When the car or truck driver was at fault, compensation for your injuries can provide you with the opportunity to focus on your recovery rather than your medical bills. We also represent the families of loved ones involved in a fatal bike accident in Connecticut.

Attorney John Mills has more than 20 years of experience representing accident victims in Connecticut. As a Board Certified Trial Attorney, he has logged many hours in the courtroom arguing for the rights of his clients. Whether you desire a quick resolution of your accident claim or you want to go to court to litigate your case, we will use our significant knowledge of bicycle accidents to handle your lawsuit effectively and efficiently.

Contact Our Law Firm

Contact the Mills Law Firm to schedule your free initial consultation with a bicycle accident attorney. We provide weekend and evening appointments at your home, the hospital or our office. Call 203-772-8941 to see what an experienced accident attorney can do for you.