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Connecticut homeowners have rights regarding noisy neighbors

When you purchase your own property or house, one of the rights you receive as a landowner is the right to quiet enjoyment of your property. In the state of Connecticut, lawmakers take that term more literally than in other states. In fact, Connecticut has statewide laws, as well as local, municipal ordinances, that protect homeowners from noisy neighbors.

Whether you live next to a rental apartment that houses college kids throwing parties or a business that plays music loudly late at night, you have rights as a property owner. In fact, you can take legal action against the noisemakers if they don't respect your right to quiet enjoyment of your property. You shouldn't have to suffer through another noisy, sleepless night. Instead, you should assert your rights and stand up for yourself.

Experts: Drivers' frustration with cyclists is severely misplaced

You cycle to work and back every day, choosing this mode of transportation for many reasons. You like helping to reduce pollution, it helps keep you in shape and you save a lot of money not having to use your own car. It's a personal choice, and it's one you feel passionately about.

Unfortunately, other drivers also seem to feel passionately about your decision, and they're often not on your side. Almost every day you encounter drivers who follow too closely, cut you off and honk their horns. Some make obscene gestures out the windows. As much as you like cycling, you fear that you are eventually going to get into an accident with an irate driver.

Halloween creates unique hazards for people on bikes

For many people, Halloween is one of the most exciting and enjoyable holidays. It doesn't carry the same pressures and stresses that Christmas might, but it still creates a fun atmosphere for children and adults alike. Also unlike Christmas, you can get fully in the spirit and celebrate without spending a lot of money.

For those who enjoy cycling, Halloween can present some unique opportunities, as well as hazards. Biking in the crisp fall air is always enjoyable. The slower travel afforded by a bicycle also makes it easy to appreciate spooky decorations left out by people in your neighborhood.

Tips for safe cycling this autumn

If you're cruising into autumn on your two-wheeler, you want to make sure that you are always proactive about your safety. There are many year-round hazards that exist for bicycling enthusiasts, but autumn poses its own particular safety challenges.

Read on to learn how you can cycle safer this fall here in New Haven.

Accident fear is the No. 1 reason people do not bike more often

While you can pay thousands for high-end bikes, there are low-end and mid-range bikes at affordable prices for almost anyone in the United States. Plus, the used bike market is relatively strong, so people who want to save even more can always find deals.

What this means is that most people have access to bikes if they want them. And many do. Research shows that around 100 million people take their bikes out for at least one ride every year in the United States.

The 3 most common surgical mistakes to be aware of

Medical doctors, especially surgeons, typically enjoy a relatively elevated social status. Most people hold medical professionals in high regard. That deference is a result of both the amount of schooling required for medical doctors and the higher incomes their jobs command. However, just because someone finished medical school and makes a lot of money doesn't mean that they are immune to making mistakes.

Doctors often make small mistakes. When a surgeon makes an error, however, the consequences for the patient can be life-altering. Educating yourself about the most common surgical mistakes can help you make informed decisions before seeking any kind of operation in the future. For those already suffering due to surgical mistakes, understanding that these issues often are preventable may give you the courage to hold the doctors involved accountable.

Tips to avoid getting 'doored'

Parked cars remain one of the biggest hazards for cyclists. You know, because you pass hundreds of them every day on the way to work.

Yes, there are bike lanes, and they help protect you from moving traffic. They give you your own space and help increase awareness in drivers so that they look for you before merging and turning. But those same bike lanes put you right next to cars strung up and down the city streets, with people getting in and out to run errands, eat meals, meet up with friends and go to their own jobs.

Do you know how to deal with medical malpractice?

When you seek out medical attention, you have a reasonable expectation that your health care provider will not cause harm in the course of treating your medical needs. Unfortunately, that is not always how such circumstances play out. In far too many instances, health care providers cause harm to patients that might otherwise never occur.

In broad terms, this is known as medical malpractice. Depending on the particular injuries or ill effects suffered by a victim of medical malpractice, the process for resolving the matter may vary, but the basic steps are fairly dependable from case to case. If you suspect that you suffered harm because of medical malpractice, be sure to carefully consider your legal options before moving ahead with an onslaught of lawsuits. In order to succeed in a medical malpractice dispute, the victim must handle the matter with great care.

Are cyclists victims of 'magical thinking'?

Some New Haven bicyclists may engage in "magical thinking" regarding bike safety. They figure that since they have done everything right -- donned their bike helmets, worn reflective clothing and paid scrupulous attention to the rules of the road -- they will be spared the catastrophe of a bicycle accident.

The fact remains that doing all of the above offers no guarantees that a cyclist will be safe from a collision with a motorist on the roads. Certainly following safety protocols is important and can save a cyclist's life if he or she does get hit by a car, but it's never safe to assume that these actions offer cyclists' any kind of immunity from getting into an accident.

Bicycle safety gear: It’s a must

As a bicyclist, you should do whatever it takes to avoid trouble. By doing this, you never have to worry if your safety gear will prevent an injury.

Unfortunately, even if you're the safest bicyclist on the road, there's a chance you could be part of an accident. With this in mind, you should use the right safety gear at all times.

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