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Do you know how to deal with medical malpractice?

When you seek out medical attention, you have a reasonable expectation that your health care provider will not cause harm in the course of treating your medical needs. Unfortunately, that is not always how such circumstances play out. In far too many instances, health care providers cause harm to patients that might otherwise never occur.

Are cyclists victims of 'magical thinking'?

Some New Haven bicyclists may engage in "magical thinking" regarding bike safety. They figure that since they have done everything right -- donned their bike helmets, worn reflective clothing and paid scrupulous attention to the rules of the road -- they will be spared the catastrophe of a bicycle accident.

Mystic restaurant draws noise complaints from neighbors

As reported in the New London Day, noise complaints are at the center of a dispute between Chapter One, a restaurant in Mystic and the Groton police and town officials. Reportedly, neighbors near the restauarant located at 32 W, Main Street have complained about noise levels at the bistro. Police stated that the restaurant's managers were receptive to working toward a resolution of the matter.

Are you ready for the realities of winter cycling in Connecticut?

Many people across the great state of Connecticut enjoy cycling as a hobby or as a means of environmentally-friendly transportation. Some people go out for weekend rides or hit the bike trail for exercise. Others use their bikes every day to commute to work. Whatever your reason for cyclying, if you plan to keep going out as temperatures drop and the fall turns to winter, you need to prepare. 

Avoid dangers of cycling on public roads during the autumn season

When people think of seasonal dangers to bikers, they often think of wet springs and icy, snow-covered roads in winter. Few people realize that the fall is equally dangerous, with its own unique set of risks when compared with the year. While there are risks to bikers in any season, autumn's risks can easily get overlooked.

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