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  • Christine Shea v. Kevin Beck, Waterbury, CV 92 0108383 S (August, 1994)
    Auto case. Plaintiff was former Miss Connecticut who was injured along with her boyfriend in head-on collision caused by defendant who had to swerve b/c of non-contact vehicle passing in opposite direction. Plaintiff sustained forehead scarring. State Farm offered $35,000. Plaintiff’s demand $60,000. Jury returned defendant’s verdict.
  • Frederick Asare v. Mark Judge, New Haven, CV 91 0311738 S (October, 1994)
    Auto case with plaintiff claiming soft tissue injuries after being struck from behind by defendant. State Farm offered $24,000. Plaintiff’s demand $36,000. Jury returned defendant’s verdict.
  • Gregory Jaeger v. Angela Vaccarelli, Milford, CV 93 0044062 S (March, 1996)
    Auto case wherein the plaintiff was assessed with a 5% cervical impairment after being struck from passenger side in a parking lot. $12,000.00 offered by State Farm. Plaintiff’s demand $20,000. Jury returned defendant’s verdict.
  • Irene Rathkopf v. Jack Hanna, Danbury, CV 91 0306803 S (May, 1996)
    Severe rear property damage in a hearings in damages case, wherein plaintiff’s vehicle hit from behind and pushed forward 116 feet into pole. The plaintiff claimed injuries to her neck and back, along with possible tear of ACL in right knee. $45,000 offered by Hanover. $85,000 demand. Jury returned verdict for plaintiff in the amount of $15,000.
  • Mary Ann Musolino v. Frank Cummings, Stamford, CV 93 0132008 S (April, 1997) Plaintiff had knee surgery after fall in driveway on loose marble chips allegedly put down by landlord after tenancy began. Middlesex Mutual offered $50,000. Demand by plaintiff $125,000. Jury returned defendant’s verdict.
  • Rusell Workiewicz v. Cara O’Brien, Bridgeport, CV 92 0295006 S (November, 1994) Child dart out case tried by Jason Tremont for plaintiff. The Plaintiff was a 13 year old girl who had undergone arm surgery to repair tendon caught in fracture site. State Farm offered $30,000. Demand $75,000. Jury returned defendant’s verdict.
  • Jose Rivera v. Phillip Boettcher, Bridgeport, CV 92 0290941 S (Feb., 1995)
    Plaintiff injured in motorcycle accident after being cut off by defendant. Claimed a herniated disc and need for surgery per Dr. Lipow. $60,000 offered by Hanover Insurance Co. Plaintiff’s demand $100,000. Jury returned plaintiff’s verdict in the amount of $7,426.71.
  • John Giaquinto v. Robert Masek, New Haven, CV 92 0331046 S (Sept., 1995)
    Traumatic brain injury claim w/ opposing neuropsychologists. Chain collision. No proof as to liability on part of my client, who was at rear of multi-vehicle accident. 3 week trial involving expert testimony from seven different doctors. Infinity Insurance Co. offering $10,000. Jury returned defendant’s verdict for my client.
  • Thomas Geraghty v, Jon Porter, Danbury, CV 94 0315563 S (May, 1997) Disputed turn accident. Plaintiff claiming herniated disc/need for surgery per Dr. Ramon Batson at a cost of $25,000. Never returned to work after accident, $140,000 lost wage claim. $35,000.00 offered by Safeco, plaintiff’s filed Offer of Judgment for $350,000.00. Judge Moraghan recommended $120,000.00. Jury returned defendant’s verdict.
  • Vincent Ferrucci v. Anne Raines, New Haven, CV 95 0632212 S
    Plaintiff claims neck and back injury when struck from rear in parked car. $18,000 offered by State Farm prior to trial. Jury did not find causal connection between impact and injuries, returned defendant’s verdict.
  • Maria Mazzola v. Dorothy Tiani, et al, Stamford, CV 93 0129647 S (July, 1997) Plaintiff struck from behind by defendant while at a stop sign. The plaintiff suffered a shoulder injury which ultimately required seven surgeries and removal of part of her clavicle. Defense contended surgeries connected to prior carpal tunnel complaints. Plaintiff presented $90,000 in medical expenses and 38% disability of left shoulder and scarring. Lost wage claim of $220,000 Prior to trial Middlesex Mutual offered $275,000 and offer of judgment filed by defense. Demand $600,000. $1.3 million in total coverage. Jury returned a verdict of $109,528.00, which was substantially reduced by collateral sources. Case settled for $60,000 after trial.
  • Hajdu v. Bassewitz, Stamford, CV 92 0125444 S. (Sept. 1997) Defendant strikes plaintiff after making left turn into his lane from private parking lot after being waved out by non-contact vehicle. Plaintiff has 11% cervical by neurologist, Dr. Xistris. $32,000 in medical special damages and $30,000 in lost wages. Plaintiff adamant for full $100,000 State Farm policy b/c excess available. Defense filed offer of judgment for $60,000. Jury awarded $42,000 economic damages, $0 non-economic. 25% comparative negligence, total verdict $31,500. Reduced to $15,000 after collateral source hearing.
  • Shade v. Cisneros, et al, New Haven Federal Court, 3:94CV00774 (EBB) (Federal Court) (April, 1998). Two minor children with lead poisoning sue two landlords (Yost and Diduca) as well as New Haven Housing Authority. Offer $50,000.00 by Middlesex. Lowest demand $600,000. Children repeatedly hospitalized at Yale for chelation; Dr. David Schonfeld testified for plaintiffs. Jury award is $550,000: $400,000 against City, $100,000 against Diduca, $50,000 against my client, Yost. Judge Ellen Burns.
  • Peck v. Rattlesnake, Stamford, CV 94 013952 S (July, 1998). Judge Frank D’Andrea. First plaintiff’s case tried for friend. Owner of condominium initially sough injunction to stop loud noise from band music emitted from nightclub that moved in beneath her unit. After injunction denied case proceeded to trial on merits. Demand $30,000. Offer $5,000. Jury verdict for my client in the amount of $875,000. Case settled during appeal and multiple declaratory judgment actions for $300,000.
  • May v. Jones, Hartford, CV 97 0568585 S (Feb. 1999). Judge Langenbach. Plaintiff was rear ended by tractor trailer. Claimed neck and back injuries, along with left shoulder problem. Collapsed lung as a result of trigger point injection administered after accident. $8,500.00 medical specials. Lost wage claim of $13,000.00. Demand $50,000.00. Offer by Jones Motor Co. is $30,000.00 w/ defendant’s offer of judgment for that figure. Jury award $3,000.00 economic, $0 non-economic. Collateral source credit reduced award to $0.
  • Jeremy Hackling v. Casbro Construction of Rhode Island, New Haven, CV 94 0368552 S (July, 1999). Judge Levin. Plaintiff suffered a fractured skull when a concrete block was thrown off construction trailer by defendant’s driver. $8,000.00 in medical special damages, $1,500.00 lost wages. Both plaintiff’s expert, Dr. Gilstein, and defense expert, Dr. Sass, agree that plaintiff had premorbid IQ of 109, post-accident IQ of 88. Gilsetin relates loss of IQ to the accident. Sass attributes this to a learning disability that was never previously diagnosed. Both psychologists agree that plaintiff has major depression and mood disorder, and needs future treatment. $65,000.00 offered by Canal Insurance Co., with authority to go to $100,000.00 if it will settle the case prior to trial. No interest from plaintiff, who would accept nothing below $185,000.00. Jury verdict of $38,000.00 reduced by 50% for plaintiff’s comparative liability for failure to wear a hard hat. Final verdict $19,000.00.
  • Frank Johnson v. Gregory Strickland, CV 98 0350826 S (October, 1999) Bridgeport Superior Court (Mottolese, J.). Plaintiff struck from behind by defendant while stopped at a stop sign. 5% cervical impairment. $5,200.00 total special damages. Defendant claims he was pushed into plaintiff by hit and run vehicle. Demand $20,000.00, no offer by State Farm. Jury found for plaintiff, awarding $4,354.07 in economic damages. $0 for non-economic damages.
  • Shade v. Cisneros (II), 3:94 CV 774 (EEB) District Court in New Haven. Second trial on damages only after trial court first trial should have been decided pursuant to joint and several liability. Prior jury had apportioned damages of $600,000 among defendants in mined by prior jury in 1998. Demand by plaintiff is amount of original verdict – $600,000. Although defendants had combined settlement authority of $235,000, no discussions took place. Jury returned a defendants’ verdict on January 31, 2000, finding that the plaintiffs had not proven proximate cause. Damages, including 17 days of hospitalization, not causally related to lead poisoning from the insured premises.
  • Mazzacane v. Elliott, CV 97 0059256 S (October, 2000), Milford Superior Court (Arnold, J.). Plaintiff Robert Mazzacane was a passenger in a car rear-ended by our insured, Robert Elliott, on the Merritt Parkway. $5,400.00 in damage to the rear of the plaintiff’s vehicle, which was totaled. The plaintiff had undergone lumbar surgery two weeks before the accident. He alleged an exacerbation, along with a herniated cervical disc. He had neck fusion five months after the accident. Total medical bills were $51,000. Lost wages of $9,000. The plaintiff had a 25% disability of the neck and an additional 10% of the back from his surgeon – Dr. Engel. Safeco offered $150,000 and an offer of judgment was filed in that amount. Demand was $400,000, later decreased to $380,000. Jury returned a verdict on October 31, 2000 in the amount of $10,608.99 ($5,608.99 economic damages and $5,000 non-economic damages).
  • Tetu v. Coleman, CV 99 03633523 S (July, 2001), Bridgeport Superior Court (Melville, J.). Plaintiff Gary Tetu was driver of a vehicle rear-ended by Jerry Coleman, a 300 lb. man traveling with his wife in a van at approximately 30 mph. Plaintiff diagnosed with a herniated cervical disc. Medical bills of $6,967.00. Plaintiff is a painter. Claimed that he could not work after the accident. Offer $40,000 by State Farm, based largely on surveillance video showing he plaintiff moving his head freely while driving around with friends. Demand $100,000 policy limits. Verdict for plaintiff $130,740. Economic damages of $103,250.00 Non-economic damages only $27,500. Post-trial contacted by two jurors after trial regarding juror misconduct. Trial court found misconduct, but case settled before fully resolved
  • Canal Insurance Company v. Barbara Haniewski, CV 98 0417942 S, New Haven Superior Court (Blue, J.). Declaratory judgment action before Judge Blue to determine whether a $1 million dollar policy was properly canceled. Plaintiff-decedent’s estate obtained $5 million dollar verdict in the underlying tort case in Middletown. Judge Blue finds in favor of the plaintiff on the coverage issue, ruling that the policy was properly canceled. However, case continues in federal court on MCS-90 endorsement issue and whether endorsement canceled pursuant to federal law.
  • Daniels v. Purdy, CV 99 0065831 S (Sept., 2001), Milford Superior Court (Lager, J.). Defendant backed into the plaintiff at a shopping center. Plaintiff had undergone prior cervical fusion, claims exacerbation. Plaintiff had heavy medical treatment, with cervical pain injections with a pain specialist, Dr. Brennan. Plaintiff has a 10% cervical disability from orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Staub. She had $21,483.35 in medical special damages. Initial demand was $300,000 policy limits, down to $75,000 at the end of jury selection. Final offer by Middlesex Mutual was $45,000. Defendant’s verdict.
  • Earlene Smart v. ACIC, CV 00 032157 S (Jan., 2002), New Haven Superior Court (Berdon, J.). Plaintiff’s case tried before Justice Berdon as a court-side matter. Plaintiff a passenger in taxi hit by uninsured driver. Soft tissue injuries to neck and back. $7,000 in chiropractic treatment. Plaintiff with prior felony convictions for narcotics. Willing to settle for court’s figure of $19,000. Offer only $15,000 by insurance company in UM case. Court award to my client after trial $45,000.
  • Alonda Boone v. Fred Kent, CV 99 0432005 S, New Haven Superior Court.
    An 8 year old girl rode her bike into street, and was struck by defendant. The plaintiff sustained fractured clavicle. State Farm contested liability, and only offered to pay the medical bills of $3,500. Court recommended $9,000. The case was tried before Judge Skolnick in October, 2002. Defendant’s verdict.
  • Steven Hyduck v. Middlesex Mutual Assurance Co., CV 00 0441006 S, New Haven Superior Court (Radcliffe, J.) Traumatic brain injury case. Plaintiff previously collected $100,000 from the tortfeasor, which was paid by Nationwide pursuant to arbitration award rendered by Gerry Cooper in the amount of $150,000. Plaintiff thereafter demanded $200,000 remaining UIM limits from Middlesex. MMA willing to offer $50,000 to match the $150,000 awarded by Cooper. Six experts testified at trial: (Drs. Gilstein, Tucker, Aronson and Funk for plaintiff; Dr. Sass and Dr. Tucker for defendant). Attorney Grudberg argued for $500,000 during final argument on the basis that the plaintiff had to give up his painting business and move to Colorado to live with his sister. Jury awarded $10,280 in economic damages, $0 for non-economic damages. Judgment later entered for defendant for plaintiff’s failure to recoup damages above the $100,000 policy limits paid by Nationwide pursuant to Fahey v. Safeco.
  • Jeffrey Rairan v. Sono Entertainment Group, et al, CV 99 0175358 S. Plaintiff’s case for excess noise and smoke from defendants’ nightclub. Case tried in Waterbury Complex Litigation before Judge Alander. Offer $75,000, client’s demand $125,000. The jury found in favor of my client in the amount of $171,710 on November 4, 2003. As a result of offer of judgment interest, another $80,000 added. The case settled for $250,000 during course of defendants’ appeal on May 18, 2004.
  • Sandra Mejia v. Marilyn Ward Ford, et al, CV 02 0191949 S. Stamford Superior Court. Rear end collision on I-95. Plaintiff claiming herniated cervical disc. Defendant insured by State Farm is a law professor at Quinnipiac Law School. Plaintiff presented with medical especial damages in the amount of $12,302, which were mostly unpaid. She was assigned 7% permanency of the cervical spine and 5% lumbar by Dr. Maria Passaro and a neurosurgeon, Dr. Roger Kaye. Defense presented expert testimony from IME physician Lewis Bader, who testified herniated disc was small and not causally related to accident. State Farm offered $18,000 prior to trial. Demand was $75,000. Jury returned verdict in favor of plaintiff on November 24, 2004 in the amount of $3,289.75, awarding $0 for pain and suffering.
  • Steven Amarante v. Melody Walton, et al, CV 03 0286240 S. Meriden Superior Court (Taylor, J.). Case tried to verdict 2/06. Plaintiff claimed injuries as a result of a rear-end collision. Case tried as a hearing in damages. Plaintiff claimed medical bills of $3,142.09. 5% ppd for vertigo. Allstate offer was $12,000. Demand $15,000. Jury award of $1,717.32 economic damages, $0 for non-economic damages.
  • Peter Turzer v. David Prenata, CV 04 0408927 S. Bridgeport Superior Court (Richards, J.). Case tried to jury verdict May, 2006. Plaintiff alleged neck and back injuries as a result of being hit from behind by defendant on exit ramp. $8,247.33 in medical special damages and 20% ppd of the neck by Dr. Paul Carpenter, local chiropractor. Demand $45,000. Offer by Allstate $6,600 because of gaps in treatment. Jury returned defendant’s verdict even though no special defense pled by former (house) counsel.
  • Stephen Gospodinoff, Sr., et al v. Dana Brown, CV 04-0200866-S. Stamford Superior Court (Downey, J.). Case tried to verdict on September 29, 2006. Plaintiffs Stephen Gospodinoff, Jr. (driver) and Stephen Gospodinoff, Sr. (passenger) allege to have sustained neck and back injuries as a result of being hit from behind by our insured operator while stopped at a red light. Plaintiff operator submitted medical special damages of $18,000. Plaintiff passenger submitted medical special damages of $12,000. Demand prior to trial was $180,000 ($90,000 each). Jury awarded plaintiff operator $822.70 in medical bills, $0 pain and suffering. Plaintiff passenger awarded medical bills of $1400 and $0 pain and suffering.
  • Melvin Natter v. Allstate Insurance Company, CV 03 0081977 S. Derby Superior Court (Esposito, J.) Case tried to jury verdict on January 16, 2007. Plaintiff Melvin Natter was struck from behind by an uninsured operator, sustaining neck and back injuries. The plaintiff treated extensively, receiving 9 epidural pain injections and amassing more than $30,000.00 in medical bills. The plaintiff demanded the $50,000.00 policy limits. As the plain tiff had treated two years prior to the accident for severe back pain, and has extensive degenerative changes, Allstate was unwilling to tender the policy limits. The plaintiff called three treating physician to testify live at trial. The defense presented testimony form one independent radiologist concerning the plaintiff’s pre-existing degenerative problems. After six hours of deliberation, the jury awarded the plaintiff $3,725.63 in economic damages, and $30,000.00 in non-economic damages, resulting in a verdict well within the policy limits.
  • Debra Scott, Administratrix v. Joseph Morley, M.D., CV 03 0405325 S. Bridgeport Superior Court (Rush, J.) Case tried to verdict on November 20, 2007. Plaintiff’s medical malpractice claim against the defendant cardiologist and Waterbury Hospital. No offer by defense. Jury trial two weeks – verdict in favor of plaintiff for $2.25 million dollars. With Offer of Judgment interest the judgment was for $3 million. Case settled for $2.7 million.
  • Robert Murray v. Varian Sonny, CV 06 5000501 S. Derby Superior Court (Levin, J.) Tried to verdict on February 5, 2008. Plaintiff was hit head on by our insured operator, who claims he was cut off by non-contact vehicle on September 16, 2005. The plaintiff shattered his calcaneus and required extensive rehabilitation. Medicals $49,960.70. Future medicals claimed $8,960.00. Also claimed future lost wages of $79,477.95. Plaintiff left with limp and need to use a cane. 28% ppd of right leg/foot confirmed by medical review, so no defense expert on damages. Lowest demand by plaintiff was $800,000. Top offer by Allstate was $425,000. Jury verdict for plaintiff in amount of $451,960.70.
  • Leticia Belton v. Ann Patterson, et al, CV 06 5004162 S. Bridgeport Superior Court (Hiller, J.). Plaintiff’s case involving terrible dog bite tried to the court on December 19, 2007. Court awarded damages of $188,681.00. Case later settled for $125,000.00 b/c of insurance coverage problems.
  • Jermaine Deas v. Metro Taxi, CV 07 5008208 S. New Haven Superior Court (Corradino, J.). Plaintiff’s case wherein taxi driver claims neck and back injuries caused by uninsured driver who hit him and fled the scene. Plaintiff had $5,385.00 in medical expenses and 5% lumbar ppd from chiropractor. Demand was $12,000.00. Offer $5,000.00. Jury awarded $45,385.00 on October 8, 2008.
  • Leonard Talley v. Encompass Insurance Company, CV 06 407463 S. New Haven Superior Court. (Radcliffe, J.) UIM case brought by plaintiff as a result of an accident on I-91. Plaintiff collected $20,000.00 from tortfeasor. $17,762.10 in medical expenses, and 10% ppd to neck and back with disc bulges at both levels. Demand $80,000.00. Offer $25,000.00. Jury returned a verdict for $30,000.00, which was reduced by $20,000.00 already collected. Net judgment $10,000.00.
  • Paul Bergeron v. Mark Dixon, CV 07 5009714 S. New Haven Superior Court (Cosgrove, J.) Plaintiff’s case wherein 12 year old boy fractured his ankle while using razor scooter on skateboard ramp at the defendants’ home. Scooters provided by defendants and allowed on home-made ramp despite warnings not to ride on anything but flat surface. Demand $45,000. $15,000 offer. Jury awarded $88,818.60.00 and found plaintiff 20% at fault. Final verdict $71,053.28.
  • Jill Granda v. Nicholas Sabetta, CV 07 5002308 S. Derby Superior Court (Bellis, J.). Plaintiff injured when elderly insured (died prior to trial) made left turn right in front of her. Heavy damage to both vehicles. Plaintiff incurred $18,607.35 in medical special damages and had 10% lumbar disability and multiple epidural injections. Demand was $100,000.00 policy limits. Allstate offer was $60,000.00. Jury award of $58,607.35, reduced for collateral source credits to $47,205.30 on 7/6/10.
  • Tama Hansen v. Jayne Gary, CV 09 5030021 S. (Zoarski, J.). Plaintiff’s case involving woman who injured her right knee when tread on exterior staircase collapsed beneath her. No offer, as landlord denied prior notice of defect. Court awarded the plaintiff $45,000.00 on 8/27/10.
  • Amanda Dewart, Administrator v. Felix Alcazar, CV 08 5002703 S. Rockville Superior Court (Bright, J.). Decedent struck by our insured operator while walking along dark highway. Demand $100,000 policy limits, plus $50,000 sought from insured. $20,000.00 offer by State Farm. Decedent under the influence of narcotics, but plaintiff had accident reconstruction expert testify he was hit while walking along breakdown lane. We had case reviewed by another expert, but could not say where impact occurred. High risk case b/c no debris found in center of highway where insured said he was traveling. Defendant’s verdict.
  • Jeffrey Gonzalez v. George Johnson, CV 06 5003418 S. Bridgeport Superior Court (Tyma, J.). Two plaintiffs injured when insured admittedly ran a stop sign, causing heavy damage. Plaintiff passenger had scarring to head from shattered glass. Plaintiff driver claimed herniated disc and lumbar spine and need for surgery. Plaintiff’s called orthopedic, Dr. Brown, to testify at trial. Allstate did not get an IME. Case sent to us for trial 2 weeks before evidence to begin b/c staff counsel out ill. Jury awarded passenger $3,079.75 and driver $18,100.00.
  • Nicola Quattucci v. Allstate Fire & Casualty, CV 09 5027708-S. Bridgeport Superior Court (Tyma, J.) UM case brought by insured against Allstate for back injury caused by uninsured driver who cut him off and fled the scene after impact. Herniated disc with pain injections and claim for future fusion surgery at cost of $50,000.00. Case inherited from staff counsel 1 week prior to trial. Total medical bills at trial were $17,689.06, along with future medical expenses of $50,000.00 for surgery. 10% ppd assigned by neurosurgeon, Dr. Abraham Mintz. No IME. Demand was $100,000.00 policy limits, non-negotiable. Jury awarded $76,689.06 on April 15, 2011.
  • Matthew Palmer v. Brian Smith, M.D., CV 08 5015707 S. Hartford Superior Court, (Robaina, J.) Plaintiff’s medical malpractice case. Defendant surgeon perforated plaintiff’s knee joint and damaged cartilage while performing epiphysiodesis (surgery to correct leg length inequality). Although doctor apologized for error, which required second operation to repair cartilage tear, he would not consent to settlement, and argued this was an inherent risk of the procedure. No offer prior to trial. Demand $250k. After 3 week trial jury returned plaintiff’s verdict for $300,000 on April 4, 2011.
  • Christopher Bowery v. Carlos Rodriguez, CV 09 5028267 S. Bridgeport Superior Court, (Robinson, J.) (June, 2011). Hearing in damages. Plaintiff rear-ended on Merritt Parkway. The plaintiff had $5,876.00 in medical special damages for neck and back injuries. Demand prior to trial was $25,000. Offer was $12,000. Allstate. Jury awarded medical bills, plus $500 for pain and suffering, for total award of $6,376.00.
  • Vernon Jackson v. Raymond Alfisi, HHD CV 08 5020216 S. Hartford Superior Court (Stengel, J.) (April, 2012). Defense case involving rear-end collision. The plaintiff was claiming neck and back injuries. Demand was $15,000. Offer was $7,500. Jury found in favor of the plaintiff, awarding $3,000 in economic damages, $0 in non-economic damages.
  • Lynn Vento v. Stanley Seligson Properties, LLC, FBT CV 11 6016894 S. Bridgeport Superior Court (Tyma, J.) (October, 2012). Plaintiff’s premises liability case involving slip and fall on snow/ice in parking lot. The plaintiff suffered a severe shoulder fracture involving surgery with hardware. The defense contested liability, arguing that record snow fall had occurred, and relying on records that purported to show sand/salt mixture repeatedly applied. Demand $300,000. Offer $200,000. Court trial, court found in favor of the plaintiff and awarded damages of $325,000 after reducing damages for 15% comparative negligence.
  • Mary DiPietro v. Lumbra, HHD CV 10 6016662 S. Hartford Superior Court (Schuman, J.) (Nov., 2012). Plaintiff’s premises liability case. Plaintiff tripped over picnic table leg at a tag sale, suffering hairline fracture of wrist. Demand $15,000. Offer $0. Plaintiff’s verdict in the amount of $34,192.26, reduced by 50% for comparative negligence.
  • Gregoria Campos v. Robert Coleman, NNH CV 10 6009582 S. New Haven Superior Court (Zemetis, J.) (December, 2012). Plaintiff’s wrongful death case. Decedent was a cyclist killed while crossing an intersection in West Haven, CT. The defense contested liability, as cyclist had stop sign and the driver did not. Demand $2 million. Offer prior to trial $1 million. Plaintiff’s verdict of $2.3 million, after 42% reduction for comparative negligence.
  • Manuel Vasquez v. Road Services Network, FBT CV 09 5024457 S. Bridgeport Superior Court (Somers, J.) (January, 2013). Plaintiff’s case in which plaintiff sustained injuries to his shoulder, knee and low back when a wheel assembly came off the defendants’ tractor trailer truck and struck his vehicle on Interstate 95 in Greenwich. Demand prior to trial $250,000. Offer $125,000. Jury verdict of $918,125.16.
  • Emarilis Villodas v. Luis Nieves, HHD CV 10 6012837 S. Hartford Superior Court (Stengel, J.) (April, 2013). Defense case. Plaintiff alleges she was injured while sitting in parked car struck by insured. Alleging soft tissue injuries to neck, back and right knee. $10,000.00 in medical bills and 3 minor disability ratings. No offer by State Farm, defending on liability as car parked in no parking zone. Defendant’s verdict.
  • Penny Hoyt v. James Kennedy, NNH CV08 5019272 S. New Haven Superior Court (Pittman, J.) (June, 2013). Defense case. The plaintiff alleged that she was bitten on the wrist by our client’s dog, which had slipped his lead and run across the roadway toward the plaintiff, who was walking her own dog. Our client’s dog was hit by a car being driven by a third person. The plaintiff claims that she was standing near the dog to keep it from re-entering the roadway, when it lunged at her and bit her. The hospital records indicated the plaintiff was bitten while attempting to move the dog, which she denied. There were no eye witnesses. Demand was $30,000.00. Offer was $7,500.00. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant, awarding the plaintiff no damages, on June 5, 2013.
  • Gulick v. Ahasic, FST CV 11 6011219 S. Stamford Superior Court (Truglia, J.) (October, 2013). Plaintiff’s case, in which our client was injured while riding his bicycle in Darien, Connecticut, after he was hit by a car that cut him off. The plaintiff sustained a fractured collar bone, a compression fracture of the T11 vertebra, a fractured rib, and road rash. The insurance company for the driver who hit our client, GEICO, tendered the full $100,000.00 insurance policy shortly before trial. Our client continued on to trial in order to pursue a claim for underinsured motorist coverage against his own insurance carrier, Arbella Insurance Group. The final offer was $25,000.00. The final demand was $125,000.00. On October 3, 2013 the jury returned a verdict in favor of our client in the amount of $205,740.82.
  • Jose Perales v. Tommy Khongdy, HHB CV 12 6014892 S. New Britain Superior Court (Young, J.) (February, 2014). Defense case, wherein we defended Mr. Khongdy at the request of his insurance company, State Farm. The plaintiff claimed neck and back injuries after being struck from behind at a stop sign. The plaintiff presented life testimony from her chiropractor, Dr. Ruggerio, who assigned permanent impairment ratings. The offer prior to trial was $12,000.00. The demand was $25,000.00. The plaintiff’s attorney asked the jury to award $38,000.00. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant, awarding the plaintiff no damages.
  • Taiwana Williams v. Kevin Midzenski, NNH CV 12 6027831 S. New Haven Superior Court (Pitman, J.)(February, 2014). Defense case, wherein we defended Mr. Midzenski at the request of his insurance company, Allstate. The plaintiff claimed injuries to the neck, back and right shoulder. The accident involved a head-on collision, with both cars traveling in opposite directions. Each driver claimed the other crossed the center line. The plaintiff presented live testimony from an eye witness, Byron DeLoach, who said that he saw the defendant cross into the plaintiff’s lane. The demand was $35,000.00. The offer was zero, as we were defending on liability. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant.
  • James Brennan v. Roberta Irizarry, UWY CV 12 6015682 S. Waterbury Superior Court (Zemetis, J.)(May, 2014). Defense case, wherein we defended Ms. Irizarry at the request of her insurance company, Allstate. The plaintiff claimed permanent neck injuries and nerve ablation surgery as a result of an auto accident. The demand was $80,000.00. The offer was $45,000.00. The plaintiff presented live expert testimony from Dr. Peter Zilahy. The jury found the plaintiff 50% at fault for the accident, and awarded him part of his medical expenses and nothing for future disability, returning a verdict in the amount of $6,939.50.
  • Kathleen Bailey v. Allstate Insurance Company, UWY CV 10 6014717 S. Waterbury Superior Court (Roraback, J.)(July, 2014). Defense case, defending claim for uninsured motorist coverage against the defendant, Allstate. The plaintiff was a passenger in a car struck from behind by an uninsured pick-up truck. The plaintiff claimed a herniated lumbar disc, and the need for fusion surgery. The plaintiff had $7,000.00 in current medical expenses, and claimed the cost for the needed surgery was an additional $50,000.00. The plaintiff presented live expert testimony from Dr. Patrick Mastroianni and Dr. Peter DeLuca. The demand was $100,000.00. The offer was $25,000.00. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant, awarding the plaintiff no damages.
  • Computer Reporting Services, LLC v. Lovejoy & Associates, FBT CV 13 5029923 S. Bridgeport SuperiorCourt (Hartmere, J.)(July, 2014). Plaintiff’s case, wherein we represented the plaintiff court reporting service, which was never paid for three depositions taken by Attorney Frederick Lovejoy in a Federal case in 2010. Plaintiff’s verdict for the full amount owed, plus costs.


(All cases briefed and argued solely by John W. Mills)

Connecticut Appellate Courts

  • Hackling v. Casbro Construction, 67 Conn. App. 286 (Dec. 11, 2001); prevailed on behalf of the defendant in trial appeal taken by plaintiff after jury trial (trial #16 above).
  • Kitmirides v. Middlesex Mutual Assurance Co., 65 Conn. App. 729 (2000); prevailed in appeal taken by plaintiff after declaratory judgment action found no insurance coverage. Although the plaintiff appealed to the Connecticut Supreme Court, that Court affirmed the Court of Appeals and found in favor of Middlesex. 260 Conn. 336 (2002).
  • Mazzacane v. Elliot, 73 Conn. App. 696 (November 26, 2002); prevailed on behalf of defendant in trial appeal taken by the plaintiff (trial # 19 above).
  • Stephens v. Hoerle, 39 Conn. App. 253 (1995); 235 Conn. 928 (1995); prevailed on behalf of defendant before both the Connecticut Court of Appeals and the Connecticut Supreme Court after the plaintiff’s case was dismissed by trial court for failure to comply with discovery pertaining to mental health records.
  • Stanley v. Martone, 40 Conn. App. 903 (1996); prevailed on behalf of the defendant after plaintiff appealed from summary judgment ruling in premises liability case wherein trial court held plaintiff could not recover because injury took place in wholly demised premises.
  • Willard v. Travelers Insurance Co., 247 Conn. 331 (1998); prevailed in insurance coverage appeal, trial court reversed on summary judgment ruling. Day, Berry & Howard settled the case on behalf of adverse party after decision published but before case went to trial.
  • Rocco v. Garrison, 268 Conn. 541 (2004). After obtaining summary judgment against plaintiffs in federal court on statute of limitations defense they re-filed in state court pursuant to accidental failure of suit statute. After obtaining summary judgment against plaintiffs in state court, they appealed. Connecticut Supreme Court chose to hear the case as matter of first impression. Court reversed, holding that accidental failure of suit statute in fact covers federal cases even when service not attempted under federal rules until after the expiration of the state statute of limitations.
  • Lombardi v. Cobb, 99 Conn. App. 705 (2007); although the Appellate Court ruled in favor of sustaining a remittitur granted by the trial judge, the was one dissenting opinion in favor of the appellant. The case discusses the amount of discretion to be afforded to the trial court to modify damage awards, and will be widely cited.

Federal Cases – 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Shade v. Cisneros, Docket No. 00-6160 (April 30, 2001). Defended plaintiffs’ appeal of lead paint verdict tried to jury in District Court which had resulted in defendant’s verdict at trial. Plaintiffs prevail, as court finds co-defendant’s request for joint and several liability was improper. Case against defendant insured by Middlesex Mutual settled for $50,000, which was the amount of our original offer.
  • Peck v. Public Service Mutual Insurance Co., Docket No. 01-9459 (April 17, 2003). Insurance coverage dispute. Prevailed in appeal taken after District Court granted summary judgment; District Court reversed and case remanded for trial. Presently still pending.

U.S. Supreme Court

All appellate decisions have been published, and copies of
any decision(s) will be forwarded for review upon request.

These case results are based on the merits of each case and past results do not guarantee a similar outcome.