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Pedestrian Accidents

New Haven Pedestrian Accident Attorney

In Connecticut, automobile drivers have an obligation to avoid hitting pedestrians by yielding to pedestrians. Sadly, drivers on our roadways are distracted by cell phones, GPS devices and otherwise fail to fulfill their duty of care. If you were injured after you were hit by a car, the Connecticut pedestrian accident lawyers at the Mills Law Firm can help you seek recovery for your injuries.

Contact the Mills Law Firm to schedule a free consultation with a Connecticut pedestrian accident lawyer. We have more than 35 years of combined experience helping accident victims in areas throughout Connecticut, including New Haven County, Fairfield County, New London County and Hartford County.

Failure to Yield in a Crosswalk

When a pedestrian enters a crosswalk, the pedestrian has the right of way. Cars must stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. Drivers who are in a hurry can forget or ignore this simple Connecticut law. Pedestrians can be seriously injured after being hit by a car in a crosswalk.

Our New Haven attorneys work quickly after your pedestrian accident to document the location of the crosswalk. Even if you were not injured while crossing the road in a crosswalk, we want to investigate the location of the nearest crosswalk before the road conditions change. As with any type of personal injury accident, it is important for you to contact a lawyer immediately after an accident to protect your rights.

Proving Your Case

The more quickly you speak with a pedestrian accident attorney, the more quickly we can preserve crucial evidence related to your accident. Action shortly after a pedestrian accident can help to preserve critical evidence, such as:

  • Clothes you were wearing
  • Road conditions
  • Weather conditions
  • Eyewitnesses

It is also important for us to know whether alcohol was involved in the accident. If you believe the driver of the car or truck was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we need to know as soon as possible, as you may have a cause of action against the bar/restaurant that served the alcohol.

Our New Haven, Connecticut pedestrian accident law firm is able to handle complex uninsured or underinsured motorist accidents. Without an insurance company involved, we can still represent you and go after other possible sources of compensation for your injuries, medical bills and lost wages.

Contact Connecticut Injury Lawyers

Call 866-603-7532 to schedule your free initial consultation with a Mills Law Firm pedestrian accident attorney or contact us. We offer evening and weekend appointments and are available to come to your home or to the hospital.