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Truck Accidents

New Haven Truck Accident Attorney

Free Consultation: (866) 603-7532 or (203) 772-8941

Collisions with trucks can cause catastrophic injuries and death due to the weight of the truck and the tremendous impact. Victims may require extensive rehabilitation over months and sometimes years. If a family member has been injured or killed in a trucking accident, contact the New Haven, Connecticut truck accident lawyers of the Mills Law Firm, LLC.

Mills Law Firm, LLC is made up of experienced trucking laws attorneys, serving clients in New Haven County, Fairfield County, New London County and Hartford County. Attorney Mills has practiced in personal injury law since 1990 and has extensive experience as a lawyer for trucking insurance companies. His many years of defending against trucking lawsuits provides a major advantage to the plaintiffs he now represents, as he understands both sides of the case and can anticipate what his opponent will argue at trial.

Solid Representation in Complex Litigation

Truck accidents require a competent, proven attorney for two reasons. First, the severe injuries often associated with truck accidents leads to greater medical expenses, longer or permanent loss of wages, and higher costs for future rehabilitation. Second, these cases can be very complex. For instance, the tractor cab and the tractor trailer may have separate owners and different legal responsibility. Liability may also hinge upon licensing requirements and the type of cargo being hauled.

Mr. Mills has extensive knowledge of Connecticut and federal trucking laws. He was frequently hired by trucking companies to defend them in severe injury cases. When the Mills Law Firm investigates a trucking accident, we know what to look for:

  • the truck driver’s log books, which indicate key information about how many hours he or she was on the road, what they were hauling, etc.
  • employment information and driving history of the trucker
  • maintenance records on the vehicle
  • statements from witnesses
  • was the load properly secured or over the weight limit?

Proving negligence on the part of the tractor trailer driver and/or owners often comes down to having qualified experts. We have access to experts nationwide in accident reconstruction, trucking maintenance, and related matters. We make sure the truck is inspected promptly and the accident scene documented as soon as possible after the crash.

Contact the Connecticut truck accident lawyers of the Mills Law Firm. Our New Haven trucking law attorneys will pursue maximum compensation in a truck accident, through negotiated settlement or trial. Our firm offers free consultations, including evenings and weekends, and we can meet you in your home or hospital if necessary. Spanish translators on staff.