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Court Expands Kids’ Right to Sue When Parent is Killed

Mills Law Firm Proudly Sponsors….. 3rd Annual New Haven Grand Prix

On Friday, September 15, 2017 from 4:00 pm to 10:00pm, Mills Law Firm will be sponsoring The New Haven Grand Prix.

New Bicycle Laws Take Effect in Connecticut

Norwalk Cyclist Receives Jury Award of $ 700,000

On April 8, 2015 a Bridgeport jury awarded a Norwalk cyclist damages of Seven Hundred Thousand ($700,000.00) Dollars at the conclusion of a civil trial.

North Haven residents celebrate a quiet victory

While the cicadas probably don’t have anything to worry about, sometimes an annoying hum can cost quite a bit of money.

Cyclist’s Widow Awarded Nearly $2.3 Million

Cyclist’s Widow Awarded Nearly $2.3 Million. The family of a West Haven man who was struck and killed by a hotel van has been awarded nearly $2.3 million.

Injured Limousine Driver Awarded Over $930,000

A limousine driver from New York who was injured after wheels flew off of large tractor-trailer on Interstate 95 has been awarded more than $930,000 by a Bridgeport jury.

Civil Suit Results in $2.3M Verdict

A family won a jury verdict of nearly $2.3 million in a wrongful death lawsuit against a hotel corporation and its employee, the driver of a van that struck a bicycle rider.

Bridgeport Jury Awards Injured Man $1.2 Million

Man injured in truck accident on freeway wins court battle. New Haven, Conn. – On January 10, 2013 a Bridgeport jury awarded a man injured in a car wreck on Interstate 95 more than Nine Hundred Thousand ($900,000.00) Dollars.

$2.3 Million Verdict Won By New Haven Attorneys

New Haven, Conn. – On December 20, 2012 a civil jury in the New Haven Superior Court returned a verdict in favor of the Estate of Jose Campos and Gregoria Campos in the amount of $2.3 million dollars.

Fatal Truck Ride Results In $3.2M For Woman’s Estate

Plaintiff’s attorney Jack Mills argued that a New Haven wholesale meat packing company had never tested its driver’s skills.