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New Haven Excessive Noise Complaint Lawyers

When a noisy neighbor’s intrusion on your peace is consistent and the noise is excessive, you may have a valid claim for damages. You have a right to “quiet enjoyment” of your property, free from noise that rises to the level of nuisance.

Restoring The Peace Through Negotiation And Litigation

Mills Law Firm, LLC, is among the only law firms in Connecticut practicing in noise ordinance law. Our New Haven noise ordinance violation attorneys have taken noise violation lawsuits to trial and negotiated substantial settlements.

  • We won a jury award of $875,000 for a Norwalk condominium owner after noise complaint letters, several calls to police and a request for an injunction all failed to reduce the level of noise. The woman had lived for eight years in a condo above a restaurant without complaint. When new owners opened a bar with live music, noise levels in her home exceeded 45 dB on a regular basis and interfered with sleep, conversation and normal enjoyment.
  • We also recovered $175,000 for another client in Waterbury Superior Court, after he had been forced to live with a rowdy bar as a neighbor for three years.
  • We have represented many other people in noise disputes that were resolved short of trial, usually through enforcement of lease provisions or condominium by-laws.

Contact our firm to schedule a consultation. We charge a $500 flat fee to examine the evidence, review all documents and conduct the legal research necessary to determine whether you have a viable claim. If you decide to move forward with a lawsuit, we provide our services for a reasonable hourly fee. Certain cases may be handled on a contingency fee basis, depending on the facts at issue.

Steps To Build A Strong Case

Noise nuisance lawsuits require extensive documentation, and it is helpful if there is a noise ordinance in your community that specifies the lawful decibel threshold. In the cases cited above, we ensured that the police documented written noise complaints, and we hired noise experts to record the noise and verify that the decibel levels exceeded the city’s noise ordinance.

There are several steps you can take to gather evidence for a strong case:

  • Document all noise complaints by filing a report with the police.
  • Keep a diary of the exact dates and times when violations occurred.
  • Keep track of friends, family and others who have witnessed the noise and could testify on your behalf.
  • Check with local officials about noise ordinance enforcement and ask an enforcement officer to record a sound meter reading for you, if possible.
  • Take photos or video of where the noise originates.
Noise Pollution

The word noise originates from the Latin word nauseas, which means disgust or discomfort. Unlike the rock band “Noise Pollution” which actually has produced some good songs, living with disruptive noise pollution can be a nightmare. We have fought for clients whose lives have been turned upside down by excessive noise. Being unable to enjoy the peace and quiet of your home, being unable to sleep, watch television, or read a book-these things most people take for granted, can be completely disrupted by excessive noise from a neighbor or a nearby industrial source.

Listed below are links to several websites that provide great information on excessive noise, and the devastating effects of long-term exposure to noise pollution.

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse www.nonoise.org
The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is a national non-profit organization with extensive online noise related resources.

Department of Ecology

Noise Pollution

Stress and Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution Takes Toll on Health and Happiness

Widenoise – EveryAware

Contacts for noise pollution

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9 Ways That Sound Affects Our Health

Noise Pollution News The New York Times

Court Awards $300,000 for noise pollution – Attorney Mills provides a summary regarding case: Kenneth Tullo, et al v. Connecticut Container Corporation

Contact Our New Haven, Connecticut, Noise Violation Lawyers

The occasional barking dog or loud stereo is not worth hiring a lawyer, but undue levels of noise or regular interruption is a violation of your rights. If you have been subjected to consistent and excessive noise violations, call 866-603-7532 to discuss your case with one of our noise ordinance lawyers. We travel to serve clients across Connecticut. Attorney referrals are welcome.