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Dog Bites

New Haven Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog bite or an injury caused by an attacking dog is the legal responsibility of the dog’s owner, even if the dog has no history of violence. If you or a family member is the victim of an animal attack, contact the New Haven dog bite attorneys of the Law Offices of John W. Mills about a claim for damages.

Contrary to popular myth, there is no such thing as “one free bite.” The dog does not have to have bitten anyone before or displayed a pattern of vicious behavior. Nor does it have to be a “vicious breed”, such as a pit bull or Doberman pincher. In Connecticut, if any dog bit you or injured you in any other way, such as causing you to trip or fall off a bike, the owner is strictly liable. The only factors precluding an animal bite personal injury claim are (a) intentionally teasing or (b) trespassing.

Experienced Connecticut Animal Attack Attorneys

The Law Offices of John W. Mills is experienced in the negotiation and litigation of all types of personal injury claims. Our Connecticut law firm represents clients in all communities of New Haven, Fairfield, and Hartford counties. We have settled numerous cases involving serious animal bites. Such bites frequently leave severe scars, including child victims who are more likely to be bitten on the face and head. The injury often requires reconstructive surgery. Children especially may experience severe trauma from a dog attack. Our lawyers seek no less than the full compensation for all medical, financial, and emotional damages.

Our New Haven, Connecticut dog bite lawyers represent clients in all animal attack injuries:

  • Serious dog bites resulting in scarring, nerve damage, and/or severe infection
  • Falls or other injuries suffered in fending off or escaping a vicious dog
  • Bites or other injuries from any pet or animal

Contact the New Haven dog bite attorneys of the Mills Law Firm, LLC, to arrange a free consultation. We can meet evenings and weekends by appointment, and our staff can translate in Spanish.